Broken RSS feed due to code blocks?


I just started maintaining a little information security blog over at
I make heavy use of markdown/code blocks for code snippets.
I noticed that (no matter the theme) I run into heavy problems with the RSS feed feature.
For a demonstration just navigate to

As due to the nature of blogs being ‘subscribed’ to via RSS feeds this error is a major bummer. Is there any way to enforce escaping code blocks properly or help in mitigating whatever causes this problem so people are able to follow me properly?

Best Regards

Apparently, on the casper theme that defaults to feedly when clicking the little RSS button in the upper right corner it works. Even though feedly seems not to live update once a new blog entry is released…

When navigating to the https://URL/rss/ as stated in the docs the XML malformation error is popping up

As shown in the error the invalid XML seems to start with Hello follows by a bunch of /x90s and some other crap.

When inspecting the source of the website in view-source: we can pinpoint the article that causes the crash! In this case it seems to be this one:

Removing both occurrences of this “invalid” character made it work fine again…

I don’t know if that’s the ultimate solution but shouldn’t code blocks be properly escaped so this stuff cannot happen?