Bug or bizaree behavior with tier pricing?

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Issue Summary
Trying to update a subscription tier to $18.99. When I do this, I cannot save the tier. I click save, it won’t save. If I leave the page it’s not saved. If I set the price ti $18 flat or $19 - it saves and works fine. $18.99 won’t work (USD).

$199.99 for yearly works just fine.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Setup a tier. Set the price to $18.99 a month and save

sent a video of this behavior to support but curious if anyone else has seen it?

Thanks for sharing this. It does seem like a bug. I’ve filed a report with the team and will keep you posted on the investigation/fix!

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thanks - and again typing and typing so I hit 20 characters and can post

Bug confirmed. It has to do with rounding/precision of decimal numbers. The engineering team are investigating it, and I’ll follow up when we release a fix.

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