Paid tier option bug?


I have tested this with a bunch of themes from different devs and wonder if I have found a bug:

I am not offering any paid tiers, and I am not connected to Stripe. In my portal, the only tier option selected (and visible) is ‘Free’.

BUT when a user goes to their account page, it gives them the option of paying for a paid tier (at $50). I don’t offer that.

Either it’s a bug or the theme devs need to sort this in their themes? Or I’m missing something obvious?

I can’t reproduce this issue in the standard user portal. Which theme are you using? And do you have a link to your site where you’re seeing this?

Hey John.

Thanks for the reply.

I saw this in Genelia and Nikko themes (awesome themes!), and another I can’t recall.

If you sign up here, when you confirm your email address you see a reference to the $50 option. Please see the image.

It’s no major deal as I can remove the code from the account.hbs file. I didn’t want to bother the devs with this initially as I figured it could be a Ghost issue. But I appreciate that it may not be.

Thanks again.

could you paste the contents of account.hbs here (or just the section that handles displaying the paid plan)? Curious to see if it’s a bug in the theme code, or if the theme code is correct and it’s a bug in a core theme helper

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Just sent you a DM in the first instance :+1: