Bulk Discount / Company level access for Premium Tiers


Loving the platform. We would love to have the ability to offer company level access, i.e anyone who has a *****.com email address receives automatic premium tier access.

We have clients with say 200 staff and they would like to purchase bulk licensing at a discount via invoice.

Would this be at all possible, or is there a workaround somehow?

As best I understand it, it’s possible to import users from a csv and set the to a complimentary subscription. So your client would need to send you a list of their 200 staff and a payment, and then you’d just bulk load the new members in at the desired tier.

The one thing I don’t see in the default template is a way to import them into a specific subscription tier. When I tried it, my imported user got the first tier that wasn’t archived. So in a pinch, you could archive the tiers you don’t want these bulk imported users going into, then unarchive the other tiers right after importing. That’s a little clunky, but if it gets 200 users signed up for a few minutes of work, great!

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Thanks for the reply, that could work.

I’d love the ghost team to consider domain level access! I’m not sure if this could be a bespoke development?