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Recently, there was a blog post on New open-source Ghost theme who are fully responsive (Massively, Editorial and London). Thank you for theses themes!

I want to transition from traditional handlebar Ghost Themes (Massively) to adopt the new JAMstack architecture with Ghost as a headless CMS but without a fully responsive starter it will be hard for me to switch because i dont have the required designer skills (i can do a bit of HTML and JavaScript but i’m no good with CSS) to make the theme fully responsive by myself.

I think that having a fully responsive Gatsby starter kit would be a good starting point for the one of us who want to make a transition to JAMstack but who don’t necessarily have the skills required to do so.

Is it realist to ask for this or do I really have to upgrade my CSS skills? :grinning:


Hey @dbouchard

Not sure if you saw, but we already offer a Gatsby starter for Ghost, which is fully responsive: https://github.com/TryGhost/gatsby-starter-ghost

You can see it in action here: https://gatsby.ghost.org/

If you want to adjust the style of this theme, then yes, I’m afraid you’d need to do some CSS yourself :wink:

Hope that helped!


Thank you for your response.

On the gatsby-starter-ghost page, in the Features list, there is a mention « Minimal responsive design ». I was wondering why it was written « minimal » instead of « responsive design » or « full responsive design ».

Then, i looked at https://gatsby.ghost.org/, opened the developer console, then Toggle device toolbar to Responsive and other small mobile device like Galaxy S5, and I noticed that the footer was not really responsive because all link align horizontaly instead of verticaly, which is nicer on a mobile phone. Also, I suspect that if they were a lot of navigation link, it would be an infinite scrollbar instead of hamburger menu? I’ve seen this discussed in a github issue Theme nav is not responsive #344 but today, even Apple have put a hamburger menu when you have too much navigation link for the device screen size.


It’s called “Minimal” because it’s a starting point for people to develop/improve it to their likes. “Responsive” doesn’t mean that items can’t be aligned horizontally.

The way Gatsby currently works we would need to create a different starter for each theme, which is not really a way to go. We rather provide you with a minimal working version and the people can take this free version and change it until they like it.


Thank you for the details. I did not want to seem too demanding, I’m very happy to have access to a free theme. Congratulations Ghost team for your nice work!

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