Can i run ghost admin api sdk locally

This is my first time of posting something here as i just started developed interest in working with ghost.
for a while now i have been checking and trying to understand the ghost admin api sdk.
and i have been able to understand it a little bit…
so recently i wanted to verify my understanding of the ghost admin api sdk, then i headed to the issue tab on guthub to try to fix some issues and i found one that i was familiar with, and typed in the code i feel would fix it.
But the problem now is that i don’t know how to test my code …

so my question is there a way i could run the sdk locally on my sysytem to test my code

although i already sent a PR herehere which hasn’t gotten any interactions at all…

i found about this forum…because someone told me i could get help from the forum

Hey @phawazzzy, the local development instructions are here:

However I can see there are errors in your pull request. I’d recommend closing that pull request for now and spend some time to become more familiar with how the project works. Also make sure to fill in the details of the pull request in full.

Thanks for contributing :pray:

okay thank you @DavidDarnes would check it out an do the needful

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hello i have ran the yarn dev command, and this is what i got Screenshot from 2020-04-09 11-28-23

now how do i see if the code i wrote works

Have you tried the yarn test command as shown in the readme? You’ll also need to update the tests to account for the new changes you’re making, direct link here: