Can ı turn off secure "sign-in link" email from?

I send a welcome mail to new subscribers.
Also, Ghost sends a sign-in email. This is confusing.
How ı can turn-off or customize this “sign-in link” email?

The Members feature in Ghost uses an email-based, passwordless system for sign up and logging in, so these emails are very much required. This method provides a lot of benefits including security, spam protection, user privacy and reduced support burden from lost passwords.

New members must click the link in their email to confirm their subscription, and returning members who are logging in must use the link in their email to gain access.

If the flow being confusing is your main concern, then you can use a welcome page instead. This is where new subscribers will be redirected once they click the confirmation link. Read more about setting up a welcome page here: Using welcome pages for member onboarding