Configure "signin" not to send singup email if not member

I’m creating an invite-only Ghost website whereby members are be able to signup other emails in the data-members-form="signup" but data-members-form="signin" only to send a sign-in link if member and return Error if not a member.

Where the directories and files located to change these flows?
What’s the best way to make this configuration?


Hey @Jay991,

To prevent people from signing up on your site using the sign in form you’ll need to turn off the “Allow free member signup” option in Ghost admin, this can be found under Labs. Members will be able to sign in but not sign up using the form. To create an invite system, whereby people can add someone else’s email to your members list, you can use our Mailchimp integration:

You’ll need to add this form to your site and restrict it’s access levels to “members only”. This can be done by adding the form to a page with post access set to “Members only” or by adding it to your theme and wrapping it with the access helper:

Then what can happen is a member who wants to invite another member can use the integrated Mailchimp form when they are signed in, and add an email to this form. The integration will send the email to your members list via a Mailchimp list.

Couple of worthy notes:

  • Allowing other people to sign up members does have issues around GDPR, and allowing people to use other people’s emails. It may be worth investigating further to prevent any problems in future
  • Members can be added by staff in Ghost admin by clicking “New member” at the top right of the Members view. This might be an alternative option for you

Hope this helps! :blush:

Hi David,

Thanks a lot for the detailed response!

I was actually I was looking for a more technical solution without using 3rd part integrations. For instance, the file and directory that is responsible for the “data-members-form” object, and can configure how that object functions.

Also thanks for the GDRP heads up. Should probably send a signup confirmation email instead.

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Hopefully the Members documentation I’ve linked to contains some details that you can leverage for your site :slight_smile: