Can you deploy a Python app with Ghost

Considering migrating to Ghost but one functionality I can’t lose is our Python app integrated with a Django backend exporting JSON files to a React frontend (seen here ).

I’ve looked through the forums and only saw questions about the Python SDK.
Would this be possible with Ghost and if so where would I look to get started?

Thank you!

This is possible, but needs to be done in your reverse-proxy layer (e.g. nginx) :slight_smile:


/ --> http://py-api
/blog/* --> http://ghost


/ --> http://ghost
/super-duper-python-api/* --> http://py-api

Thank you! Is this a supported workaround (is it sustainable) and do you know of any examples or documentation?

This isn’t a question specific to Ghost, so you won’t find much about this in the ghost docs. You’ll need to search around for how to configure your reverse proxy to so the routing

As long as you expose the ghost functionality you’re looking for, there shouldn’t be a problem from the Ghost side :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: