Can you make paid subscriptions optional and flexible?

Let’s say I have a newsletter that I’d like to keep 100% free for whomever wants it but offer flexible subscription to those who want to pay for it.

Like a “set your price” for this newsletter model.

$0 – $2 – $5 – whatever you want.

Is that possible?

To make a paid subscription optional, just make sure that you’re sending your newsletter out to members, not just to paid members.

There’s not a ‘pay what you want’, but you could certainly set up a couple tiers with different support levels, and set the benefits to be the same (along with “support your favorite newsletter” or something)

Rather than going this route, you could also use a Stripe link to collect one time or recurring donations, which does support a pay what you want model, at least for one-time donations. (I’m not sure about recurring - you’ll have to play with it.) See here: How to accept donations through Stripe : Stripe: Help & Support and Recurring payments | Stripe Documentation

Note that if you go directly to Stripe, Ghost won’t know about who has made a donation and who hasn’t - you’d be bypassing the built-in integration.* If you intend to have some benefits just for folks who are financial supporters, it would be easiest to use the built in Ghost tiers.

*If it was important to get that information back into Ghost, you could catch a webhook from Stripe and use it to update the member in Ghost, but that’s a lot of complication compared to just making several tiers at different levels.


Cathy, you’re freaking awesome.

You’re so helpful and detailed. I super appreciate it! Means so much!