Other Amount Subscription

Hello, I am new to Ghost👋

I would like to know if it is possible to set up a white field subscription option, where the subscriber can decide how much they want to contribute per month, beyond the preset options provided. We plan to use Ghost for our nonprofit project and this feature is important to us. If it is not possible natively, is there any way to achieve it in Ghost?

Many donation forms offer the white field option to allow deciding the amount, but would it be possible in Ghost?

Thank you.

You can set up a “choose your own amount” payment link in Stripe and place on your site.

I have fiddled around with this on another site with a “buy me a coffee” with a minimum amount of €5 and the possibility to choose another amount for the buyer.

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To add to that: Stripe doesn’t allow pay-way-you-want recurring payments(subscriptions)

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