Cannot choose payment type; doesn't fire stripe checkout

Hey there. So I was able to get mailgun to work, get past the signup error, connect stripe with the correct API keys, and I’m doing a test at the moment to see if members can actually sign up/pick a plan.

I’ve ticked ‘allow free member signup’ because I want to offer people the option to support or not support.

But when I make a test account, it doesn’t let the user pick a plan OR use a free account. The javascript never fires. I’ve uploaded routes.yaml. Here’s my ghost log readout.

[2020-04-26 09:55:46] INFO "GET /ghost/api/canary/members/create-stripe-checkout-session/" 404 1ms
[2020-04-26 09:55:51] WARN Cookie ghost-members-ssr not found
[2020-04-26 09:55:51] INFO "GET /gallery/" 302 3ms
[2020-04-26 09:55:51] WARN Cookie ghost-members-ssr not found
[2020-04-26 09:55:51] INFO "GET /private/?r=%2Fgallery%2F" 200 24ms
[2020-04-26 09:56:59] INFO "GET /account/" 200 56ms
[2020-04-26 09:56:59] INFO "GET /assets/built/screen.css?v=7c4e175393" 304 5ms
[2020-04-26 09:56:59] INFO "GET /assets/built/jquery.fitvids.js?v=7c4e175393" 304 4ms
[2020-04-26 09:56:59] INFO "GET /assets/built/infinitescroll.js?v=7c4e175393" 304 6ms
[2020-04-26 09:57:03] INFO "GET /signup/" 200 30ms
[2020-04-26 09:57:03] INFO "GET /assets/built/screen.css?v=7c4e175393" 304 4ms
[2020-04-26 09:57:03] INFO "GET /assets/built/jquery.fitvids.js?v=7c4e175393" 304 7ms
[2020-04-26 09:57:03] INFO "GET /assets/built/infinitescroll.js?v=7c4e175393" 304 6ms
[2020-04-26 10:05:43] INFO "GET /signup/" 200 50ms
[2020-04-26 10:05:43] INFO "GET /assets/built/screen.css?v=7c4e175393" 304 5ms
[2020-04-26 10:05:44] INFO "GET /assets/built/jquery.fitvids.js?v=7c4e175393" 304 6ms
[2020-04-26 10:05:44] INFO "GET /assets/built/infinitescroll.js?v=7c4e175393" 304 4ms
[2020-04-26 10:05:45] INFO "GET /favicon.ico" 200 1ms
[2020-04-26 10:05:47] INFO "GET /members/ssr" 200 6ms
[2020-04-26 10:05:47] INFO "POST /ghost/api/canary/members/create-stripe-checkout-session/" 500 0ms

I’ve read the docs on this. Stripe has the plans already. I can see no way I messed this up.
Please help?

Actually I ended up fixing this.
But my next issue is in the same vein
I want to allow free memberships, as well as a paid option.

I’ve checked the box, but it insists on forcing people to choose a paid plan.
So…can we not have a free plan AND a paid plan?

Hey @justweebthings. How did you solve the error above? Would be super useful to see the errors Ghost logged on the server side when you are having any of the 500 errors like the above:

[2020-04-26 10:05:47] INFO “POST /ghost/api/canary/members/create-stripe-checkout-session/” 500 0ms

You can find the logs in your Ghost instance’s content/logs folder or you can also run ghost log -e to show only error logs.

Which theme are you running on your Ghost instance? What is your understanding of “free membership” ? At the moment we distinguish 3 types of memberships:

  1. No membership at all
  2. Registered member (which is free)
  3. Paid member (one of the yearly, monthly or complimentary plans)

@naz Hi my dude.
I actually don’t know how I fixed it. I think I just re-added the plans back into Stripe, and made sure it matched on the other end. I’m also pretty sure I wasn’t verified on Stripe, but that shouldn’t have any bearing…right?

I should’ve kept better track of my solution. I’m also pretty sure I re-put the routes.yaml file that was in Lyra…even though I had already put it in before.

When in doubt, just do the accurate steps again. Seems it worked.

I’m using Lyra.

I want to offer this:
A no membership option [casual readers, I will only paywall a few things that are large guides].
Registered members [for people who want to be subscribed and see the paywalled stuff, but not pay]
Paid member [people who get access to all the things, but want to throw me some coffee money].

I have an inherent distaste of making people pay for knowledge or fun things to read. If you offer the option to support, that’s a much kinder thing to do, especially…right now.