Cannot import stripe customer id

Hello everyone !

I’ve been more than happy with my ghost untill yesterday when I had to import my clients subscribers with an export from stripe.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. export customer on stripe
  2. import in ghost
  3. import email, name and stripe_customer_id
    Witnessed Outcome:
    subscribers are imported, without stripe customer id and without subscription
    Expected outcome:
    subscribers are imported with a paying subscription, linked to their existing stripe customer id

I did made sure that :

  • the stripe account linked to the ghost account is the same as the one I’m importing from, and both are in production mode

I’m completely lost, and there is no documentation on the users api endpoint that would have been a possible alternatve for me (I know this endopoint is tagged unstable)

Did this happen to someone else ?

I’ve been having this issue too. Did you find a way to resolve it?