Importing paying subscribers not working

I am trying to import my subscribers from a previous Ghost (Pro) instance unto my new self hosted Ghost site. Some are paying subscribers, others are comped. All have a Stripe ID.

I’ve formatted the CSV list carefully according to the template, but it never works and the csv document that I get by email with errors is blank.

For now, I was able to import them by only including email and name. I don’t know what else to do.

In addition, those of them that are recurring paying subscribers with Stripe integration, will they keep getting charged?

Thanks in advance for the help…

If you follow the steps in the reinstall guide, it is expected that paying members would be reimported properly:

Important for this method to work:

  • Your member CSV & JSON needs to come from Ghost 4.48.0 or higher
  • The site you’re importing on must be 5.0.0 or higher

Well, thanks for clarifying. I guess I messed up. I expected things to stay the same in Stripe, and Ghost being able to reconnect to these accounts with the Stripe IDs.

Any advice as to what I could do to adjust my current subscribers in the best way?