Cannot login to admin due to missing js / css files


I am trying to access our admin dashboard after quite some time, but there seems to be missing .js and .css files all of a sudden

INFO [2019-01-23 08:35:29] “GET /assets/ghost.min-3a00413f28d137307afb86d64bddaa15.css/” 404 26ms
INFO [2019-01-23 08:35:29] “GET /assets/vendor.min-05e679b33815bd84607c2f4d14576051.js/” 404 30ms
INFO [2019-01-23 08:35:29] “GET /assets/ghost.min-5b8781318cc0347cc5179a324deb8532.js/” 404 36ms

The blog works fine:

But I cannot access the admin dashboard anymore:

  • What version of Ghost are you using?
    I am actually not sure, I am running this in a docker container which uses the “:latest” from 7month ago.

  • What configuration?
    Just the default.

  • What errors or information do you see in the console?

INFO [2019-01-23 08:35:29] “GET /assets/ghost.min-3a00413f28d137307afb86d64bddaa15.css/” 404 26ms
INFO [2019-01-23 08:35:29] “GET /assets/vendor.min-05e679b33815bd84607c2f4d14576051.js/” 404 30ms
INFO [2019-01-23 08:35:29] “GET /assets/ghost.min-5b8781318cc0347cc5179a324deb8532.js/” 404 36ms


I looked at it again, and it seems as if it somehow gets redirected to have a trailing /
The ghost version is 1.24

INFO [2019-01-29 10:51:28] "GET /assets/vendor.min-e71cb5c677f51d517625c8c87005a74a.css" 301 4ms
INFO [2019-01-29 10:51:28] "GET /assets/ghost.min-e2696e8973210c87cf935adb36cc5388.css" 301 2ms
INFO [2019-01-29 10:51:28] "GET /assets/vendor.min-abe84252a5128dded7c925fc6604948b.js" 301 3ms
INFO [2019-01-29 10:51:28] "GET /assets/ghost.min-6898dae0b1632b7fa1f7dcf1a7ff2543.js" 301 8ms
INFO [2019-01-29 10:51:28] "GET /assets/vendor.min-e71cb5c677f51d517625c8c87005a74a.css/" 404 73ms
INFO [2019-01-29 10:51:28] "GET /assets/ghost.min-e2696e8973210c87cf935adb36cc5388.css/" 404 82ms
INFO [2019-01-29 10:51:28] "GET /assets/vendor.min-abe84252a5128dded7c925fc6604948b.js/" 404 98ms
INFO [2019-01-29 10:51:28] "GET /assets/ghost.min-6898dae0b1632b7fa1f7dcf1a7ff2543.js/" 404 61ms


The redirect is happening because the asset is not found (Ghost auto redirects all routes to trailing-slash).

You say you’re using Docker but haven’t told us anything about the specifics of your setup, that might be a good place to start for someone to be able to help you. Docker isn’t a supported platform so you may need to wait for someone in the community who knows it to give you some ideas of where to start digging into what’s gone wrong.


Right, sorry for the lack of information.

I have investigated a bit further, and as I understand when using the admin panel, it should make the request to /ghost/assets/…

For me it does only /assets

The setup:
I am running ghost:latest ( was running 1.24 before, which had the same problem ) inside a docker container. There is a router in front of it which checks if the url starts with blog. and then forwards the complete request to ghost.

This setup worked perfectly fine for a couple of years but somehow now it has this issue on the admin page.

What baffles me is that the browser decides to request /assests/… and not /ghost/assests even though its a relative url.


Ok, running it against with a trailing slash resolves this issue.


:+1: it sounds like your local router was somehow not allowing Ghost to do it’s normal trailing slash redirect, typically any request to /ghost would return a 301 to /ghost/


Yes, it is weird that this worked in the past though. Might be that the bookmark I normaly used already included a trailing slash or is this behaviour a recent addition?

Anyways, thank you for your help :slight_smile: and this can be closed.

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