Cannot right-click to save image from Ghost page

Hi, I am running my website using Ghost 5.5.0 hosted at Digital Ocean. I have a page there – – that I set up specifically so people could save an image that I created. The image is the only image on the page so you can’t miss it.

I was unable to upload the image from the Ghost editor itself. When I tried, it shows that it was uploaded and I can see it in the editor, but when I published the page, the image doesn’t show up, just a “broken image” icon.

So, I created a Markdown block and uploaded the image within the Markdown. This works in the sense that the image is now visible in the published result. However, when you right-click on it and try to save it locally, the download gets stuck, and on Chrome on a Mac there’s a message that says “Blocked - Insecure Download”.

It’s important that visitors are able to save this image locally. Is there something I can do to make this work if the image is embedded in a Markdown block? Or, is there a way to get the image to upload from the editor like it’s supposed to, and it’s downloadable when published?

I’m not sure what exactly is happening here, but I can see that the image is being served via http, not https, which is the cause of the error in Chrome. That being said, I could see and download the image without issue.

This likely goes back to how you’re hosting Ghost and its configuration…

It looks like your url is configured as http://... instead of https://... (you can see this by visiting

Nice catch. That’s exactly the issue. :100:

Thanks! How do I change this?

In your ghost installation directory:

ghost config set url https://...

then restart (ghost restart)


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