Reproducible lockup/infinite loop on Chrome

Hey all! New Ghost user here–I just set it up over the weekend, and while I’m very technical, things are a little new to me. And refreshing. Great job! As such, it’s a vanilla install with almost no content and no plugins.

I have experienced this twice in the past couple of days, and the first time, I thought might be anything, but the second time, it’s definitely happened repeatably.

Repro steps: Write a new story. After a couple of blocks, insert a large image that fills the width. Write a couple more blocks, enough that the picture is barely on the screen. At some point, I use the UP-ARROW to move the caret up to above the picture to edit something, without scrolling the page with the mouse. Chrome locks up and the page never comes back. I have to kill it.

I am using the self-hosted version using docker-compose that includes Lets Encrypt, nginx for https termination, and ghost serving in a separate container. It’s running the following versions of things (I believe it’s hot-off-the-presses :latest):


I’m running in Chrome on a PC: chrome://version reports this:
Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98

Thanks for the awesome platform!

Hey :wave: I’ve tried replicating but no luck so far. Can you give me an idea of what else was in the post? How large are the paragraphs? did you have any headings, formatting, or other cards? Did you have any text in the caption of the picture?

I was editing a page that is hosted (for now, due to me stupidly getting locked out of letsencrypt while setting up) at https;//

I did have a caption text. The page at the time only had a single image near the top, no videos or gallery, no post metadata or image assigned. I have since been able to perform the same actions described above without lockup, so it seems a little more involved. It also happened on the one blog post on my site as well. That has only one image.

In both cases I had been waiting for quite a while …20-40 minutes? If it happens again, is there anything more helpful I can capture from a lockup? A screenshot?

Thanks for the quick response!

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