Cannot save primary navigation link

Hi there!
I have installed ghost as a docker container with connection to hosting machine database.
I have created a page. When i try to add primary navigation link it does not save.
I inspected PUT request to API and there is empty “url” key in navigation object though i entered “mypage” into the input field:
PUT http://axsupport/ghost/api/admin/settings/

I am guessing the issue is that “mypage” is not a valid URL, as the validation on that page leaves a little to be desired.

Still, you should see the URL field is prepopulated with an absolute URL which is what the field is expecting.

Figured out by myself that realy url without comma + zone is not a valid url for ghost
I’m gonna use ghost for internal company’s purpose. So I do not have domain like
In this case you have to use your company’s internal suffix. Something like mysite.mycompany.local

Thanks for the reply. It is confirmed my guessing

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