Cannot View Members after CSV Import

Hello! I’m a new Ghost user, non-technical but following along from tutorials on how to set up Ghost with Digital Ocean.

I’ve figured pretty much everything I need, but there’s a strange error that has occurred after I imported my audience from another platform. The CSV file I created worked fine and showed a success message, and I can even see the Member count updated to show 39. But the problem is that I cannot see any of these newly added subscribers in my Members tab! I’ve tried everything I could from online resources and forum discussions, but this seems to be a unique issue.

Here’s a screenshot:

Now I am not sure if new posts will get emailed to the entire list or not, and I can’t risk doing a test with my existing subscribers. Please help!

@tanmay did your import have created_at dates that are in the future? The members list uses a timestamp for cursor positioning when fetching pages to keep the infinite scroll list stable when members are being added frequently but it doesn’t expect to have members that were created in the future.

Hi @Kevin - I used a current date and time stamp for the Created At, so all of them had the same value which was of a few minutes before they got uploaded.

Is there a way to access these new members from the terminal and delete all? Maybe I can try adding them again with an older date?

@Kevin - This issue is now solved!
Going by what you said, since the created_at time was in my local timezone (UTC+5.5), I have a feeling it conflicted with the server tz and therefore could not display. But as soon as UTC crossed the created_at time (5:30hrs later) - the members showed up.

Thank you so much for you help!