CSV import duplicates some members

I’m having some troubles importing members from ConvertKit. I’m switching to a new website and will be using Ghost for memberships and ConvertKit to send emails. I already have some emails in ConvertKit and made a CSV export that looks just fine. But when I import it to Ghost, some of the members are duplicated. If I try to delete one of the duplicates, both are deleted.

The same happens if I create a member manually.

What’s the problem and how can I solve it? I’d really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

Here’s the URL if it helps: https://sundaymashup.com

P.S.: I’m running the latest version of Ghost on Digital Ocean.

Found out something new…

When I add the list using CSV it seems as if not all members are imported - some seem to be replaced with the duplicates. However, when I try to manually add these “missing” emails I get an error that the email I’m trying to add is already associated with a member.

I am writing once again in hope of an answer. The issue is described above, now I’m also adding an image of the error when I try to add an email that’s “missing”.

Hey @martinverbic :wave:
Have you updated the latest version of Ghost? v3.25.0 was released 3 days ago (as of posting this). You issues may have been resolved in a recent update

Hey @DavidDarnes, I updated it to the latest one, but nothing’s changed. Should I delete everyone and try again?