Cant access published posts section, getting 500

My Ghost Blog* Version 3.11.0 installed on an Nginx server with LAMP stack on DigitalOcean with the URL was working fine till yesterday but now I can’t access the published posts section and I need to access it urgently for making some changes in the last published post. Please help.

It’s giving 500 errors.

The draft section working fine though.

Please help.

Let me know if any other information is needed.

Hi @Amit_Ashwini ,

try $ghost doctor in your terminal to check if ghost shows any error.
Did you restart ghost?
You could also check the ghost log at `/ghost/content/logs/…error.log for any errors while loading your admin post page

edit: Could you also please post what the exact 500 error is? (press F12 in your browser and check the console)

Hey @Amit_Ashwini :wave:. In the screenshot you shared you’ve selected “Scheduled”, did you mean to click “Published”?

No I meant published, but it won’t even let me get into the published section. I will share log details soon.

Here is my error log.

And this is the error report from Chrome console:

It looks like you have some malformed content in one of your posts. Are you able to access it by viewing the post on your site and adding “edit” to the end? From there you can delete the post and hopefully it’ll stop the error appearing

Hey David, I restored one of the backups from 2 days ago in DigitalOcean and looked like it is working fine and I can access Published posts section, but now I can’t access the Drafts section which is giving 500 error :worried:

Some additional observations:

I write my posts first on Google docs (because it has integration with Grammarly) and then just copy paste them over to Ghost editor. Looks like there are a couple of posts that are for some reason breaking my Ghost admin’s Published and Draft sections. I have conclusively observed that as soon as I paste the content from those 2 docs, Ghost immediately starts giving 500 error.

If you can, it might be helpful to narrow down the content that’s breaking Ghost to a specific paragraph or element. Also, if you get an error in Ghost, would you be able to share what’s in the console?

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