Can't import content? db error

Hey I just updated ghost on a second instance we have for developments and when trying to import our content (a 22.2mb json file) I just get an error “, cannot fetch db”

the console POST 403 (Forbidden)

as well as a

Error: , cannot fetch db
    at Ww (index-71e9bfaa.mjs:16658:13)

i’m the owner of this instance so i’m not sure why i’d get a 403

Are you using Ghost(Pro) or self-hosted? MySQL or SQLite? What Ghost Version?

When you sent your POST request, did you sent authentication headers with it?

mysql self-hosted

i assume the headers go with it considering it’s via the .com/ghost import tool? it’s not api

Somebody asked a similar question recently and I shared my experience here:

For a 22mb JSON file, it might be worth splitting it into smaller chunks to see if the file size is the limit (and that way you could eventually determine which post is the problematic one).

Might be worth opening a bug report on GitHuh, since you’re the second person with a specific import issue within a few days.