Can't install a ghost theme

Cannot install some Ghost themes (see below for list). No error given. The Install button simply turns red (or pink) and reads “Retry”. Retrying doesn’t help. Same problem.

Here are the ones where installation is not possible:


These are able to be installed for some reason:


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to your site to change a theme. or just replace form this URL:
  2. Choose one of the themes that do not work, such as Journal, and observe the problem.

Setup information

My stack and versions:
Host provider: Linode
OS: Ubuntu, v20.04.5 LTS
Node Version: v16.19.0
Ghost Version: 5.2.3
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.23.1
Environment: production

How did you install Ghost?
Self-hosting. Followed a tutorial.

Browser & OS version
Not that it matters, but I’m using both Chrome and Safari and the problem exists in both.

Relevant log / error output
I wish there was a log or error output.

I’ve moved your post to #help:self-hosting, since these themes certainly work on my sites (I just checked.) I suggest you first update to the latest version of Ghost and try again. Furthermore, please confirm if you’re uploading the themes are using the Use Theme button.

Hi, thanks for moving it to the appropriate category. I am already on the latest Ghost version. I was using the “Use [theme-name]” button not uploading the zip file.

We’re on 5.26.4 I believe, so you’re behind somewhat.

Interesting. I updated to the latest before posting. Will go back and check why I didn’t do that correctly.

Btw, where can one see the latest version? I couldn’t find that on the site when I looked.

Found it!

Should be on as well.

Yikes! I’m 6 months behind. Will try and update later, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Update: I was able to update to the very latest ghost version and now the problem is solved! Thanks @mjw for your help!

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