Ghost Default Templates Not Working

Hi, I’m using Ghost packaged by bitnami which is currently at version: 5.2.4 and it looks like quite a few of the templates that come with Ghost by default are unable to be downloaded. There are errors about handlebars and the templates not being valid?

Another example for this issue is that I can successfully upload the Bulliten Theme (Free on Ghost Marketplace), but not the Edition Theme (Also free on Ghost Marketplace). As stated above, none of the default themes are working and can be used and most of the free themes that I’ve tried get the handlebars error above…

I get this error when trying to upload the Journal theme

Version 5.2.4 is pretty old. That’s why you’re getting failures. That version doesn’t have the helpers for comments, which were added later. You’re trying to run a 5.20-something theme on an older version without all the handlebars helpers needed.

Can you update your Ghost version? (Sorry if this is a silly question, I know nothing about bitnami.) A quick Google shows me that there’s a 5.22.0 Ghost/Bitnami version available here: Ghost Cloud Hosting, Ghost Installer, Docker Container and VM
I think that’s the best solution to your problem, because it gets you all the great new features added recently, and means you can try out all the current themes to see what you like best.

An alternative would be to get an older copy of the theme that works with your Ghost version. You’d have to download and build from GitHub, I’m guessing.


Sorry for the late reply. I was implementing the update. Turns out that worked! Thank you :slight_smile:

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