Can't redirect Google domain to 'Ghosted' Amazon Instance

I’d love to benefit from the fact that this is open source and therefore can be free, but I am still not entirely sure how to do a particular step (or at leas that’s the only thing I hope I’m missing).

I own the following domain: I also have an Amazon instance of a machine with public DNS of and public IP of I followed the steps for self-hosting without errors. I got to the point, right after installing Ghost, where my console said I should finish the setup of my blog over at I supposed that was it, but that website either never loads or gives me a 404 error. I don’t entirely know why.

My guess is, however, it could be because of how my domain is set up. I currently forward it to with temporary redirect (302), not forwarding, and without SSL.

I’m using Brave browser. The console command “ghost version” tells me I’m using Ghost 1.14.1.

First you need to make sure your domain pointed to your server IP. To do that go to your domains DNS Section & Add an A record pointed to your ip
Note: Seems your domain is correctly pointed to the instance


Now make sure the ports 80 & 443 are allowed in Security group on your EC2 instance

Lastly install latest version of Ghost
follow the below guide to install latest version of ghost

Inoryum, that was it!

Thank you so much for your help!

You are welcome! Cheers :+1: