$$$ Need help with EC2 install. $$$

Hey all,
I’ve taken on too much trying to install Ghost on an Amazon EC2 stack. It seems like I was successful installing it via Mac OSX/Terminal/SSH but I’m not able to get the URL to load anything.

I need to install this on EC2 since my usual web hosting service (where the company website is located) doesn’t support the stack needed for Ghost. I’m hoping I can point this EC2 install to a subdirectory and set up the DNS to redirect accordingly… is this insane?

I’ve run out of time trying to do this myself and need to call in an expert. Please let me know what it’ll cost to have you take over this install, iron-out the DNS/Subdir, and install a simple theme for me.

PS, I’m, a former front-end designer and an idiot when it comes to anything involving Terminal. You’ll need to do a bit of hand-holding so factor that in.

I can hold your hand. For free, because my conscience (or unconscience?) does not allow me to take money for it. You can contact me mk61box@gmail.com, if you’re still interested.

The issue ended up being an AWS issue - inbound HTTP(S) requests were being blocked via security groups

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