Domain unavailable but ip address is available


I’ve just installed Ghost on an EC2 instance on AWS following the install procedure for Ubuntu.

Everything has installed with no hiccups. I have SSL enabled and all the default options.

If I try to browse to my domain the site is unavailable, however if I enter the ip address the site loads. Also I can access the admin via the ip address but not the domain.

Is there something I might have missed? The install flagged no errors…

More information, including the URL, would be helpful. Did you set up an A record for the site? Did ghost install complete without error?


Thanks for your response, it is appreciated.
It was only a dns error. The new settings hadn’t fully propagated. It’s working fine now.
The install went without any errors. I’m completely new to ghost, so I’m trying to find my way around. I’ve been using WP for 15 years so ghost is something completely different.
Can you tell me where I can find info on setting up the portal and email subscription back end?


This is a good starting place:

Depending on the theme, there may be some differences with portal settings.