Can't see what text I'm selecting in the editor

Hi folks.

I’m using 4.0 on a Mac using Safari.

The editor is now black in dark mode, and I can’t see what text I’m highlighting (when I want to add a link, for example). If I switch to light mode, it’s fine.

Am I missing something?


It’s a known issue that we’re working on. The editor uses your brand “accent color” setting for links and a few other items but unfortunately when that accent color matches the editor background links can become unreadable.

If the accent color is something you can change then you can set it to something that works equally well for light and dark color schemes. Otherwise it will be a case of living with light mode for the moment until we have a chance to implement a fix and release an update.


Thanks for the reply, Kevin.

No problems at all - I am more than happy to use light mode for now.

FYI: I am using #00ccff as a vivid blue, set under Branding, but appreciate there is an issue.

Thanks again

Ah, sorry, I misread and thought you were referring to the link color rather than the selection color.

Selections in dark mode show up like this for me and is quite noticeable when making the selection, is that not what you are seeing?

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 12.03.34

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Hi Kevin.

No - I see a black highlight (slightly darker than the background of the editor) which is barely visible.

I have the brightness on my Mac all the way up.

I’m on Safari 14.0.3 on Big Sur (latest).

It’s a Safari issue. Selected text is visible in Chrome. Bye bye Safari! Just realised that auto spell check doesn’t work in Safari either. I should have left Safari a long time ago.

Sorry for the hassle, but I guess it was worth mentioning.

Thanks loads.

Thanks for the report anyway, I’ve added it to our internal cleanup list :slight_smile:

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