Unable to find "template" in the settings

I’ve installed Ghost&Liebling and I’ve checked that there’re template files exist in the theme folder. However, I’m not able to choose “template” and “turn this post into a page”(which both appear in other ppl’s post settings) in the post settings.

I did not install ghost in the traditional way. I used docker to install it with command

docker run -e url=https://xxx.co -v /ghost/content:/var/lib/ghost/content --name ghost -p 8080:2368 -d ghost

IDK whether the problem is caused by docker installation or something else, plz help me out. THX

  • Version 3.21.0
  • Environment production
  • Database sqlite3
  • Mail Direct
  • OS Centos 7.3

Hey @ooohawk :wave:

turn this post into a page was deprecated as of Ghost 2.x since Ghost 3.x has much more explicit differentiation between posts and pages.

What template files have you added that you can’t find?

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