Can't send email newsletter with gmail configuration

I have gmail configured correctly. I’ve confirmed by sending a test email. But when I try to send a post to subscribers, I see this:


If you set up Gmail SMTP in config.production.json, that’s for transactional email only, for things like inviting team members, sending signup/signin links, etc. To send a newsletter to your subscribers, you need to configure Mailgun.

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If I set up Mailgun, will this automatically also be used to send transactional emails?

@giacomosilli You can use Mailgun for both transactional and membership emails, but you need to set up the settings separately.

For transactional emails, you need to enter your SMTP credentials in config.production.json.

For membership emails, you need to enter your Mailgun domain and API key in Labs > Members settings.


Ok thanks, it seems clear to me, I have configured mailgun both in the settings of the members panel and in the config file of ghost.
Should be OK.

Thanks @minimaluminium. Any particular reason newsletter stuff is tied to Mailgun?

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Hey @Alex_Sharp, that might help.