Subscribers cannot follow. Why?

New users cannot subscribe to my blog - an error message appears. How to fix?

First guess: you didn’t set up email.

No one can help you without more information. How’s your transactional email configured? Post the relevant parts of your config file, minus passwords.

Yes, apparently not configured. How to do it? Where can I read it?

I saw that I just need to do some kind of integration, but sending emails to subscribers doesn’t work in Ghost?

You can certainly have Ghost send mail for you, but it isn’t a mailserver. If you’re doing a newsletter, you need mailgun. For transactional email, there are more options.

I asked previously for your configuration information to help with troubleshooting. Here’s the documentation, which is all the forum can do for you without more information.

Official docs (Note this is transaction email, not newsletters. Transactional email is your current problem.) Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs

And here’s how to set up outbound transactional email with your gmail account, if you need a quick solution:

For more about Mailgun (required for newsletters), see here:

You asked about the configuration. I have Ghost on my own server. I haven’t figured out how to view the configuration yet, I run a blog, but technically it’s still difficult.
How and where can I look in order to send you the configuration?

And first I need to set up transactional emails. How to do it?

Please see the first link I posted above. This one: