Can't use "post options" (and thus can't delete)

I have a post (two, actually) that I can’t delete or otherwise change the setting of. I go in, I click on the gear, but nothing happens other than my browser freezing up for a few seconds. The only message is “TypeError: r.renderNode is undefined” in the browser console and nothing in the command line log that I can see with ‘ghost log’.

It’s only these two posts, the others are seem to be okay. But of course these two are now stuck on the top of my posts list and I can’t get rid of them.

I’m running 3.4.0 (but the issue has been present since 1.3.1, if I remember correctly – hoped the update would get rid of it, but no dice) on an Ubuntu VM.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Hi there! It’s the first time I’m hearing of this issue, and you say you’ve had it since 1.3.1? Does that mean you upgraded from 1.3.1 to 3.4.0? Wondering if those posts need re-importing to a fresh install


(sorry it took so long to reply – just found the notification email in my spam folder)

I mistyped: it’s been present since 3.1, as far as I can tell. (Not 1.3.1.) Sorry for the confusion.