Can't edit some posts since 2.32?

Hi all, since the 2.32 release we’re seeing that a random subset of existing posts (whether they’re published or drafts) can’t be edited in the Ghost admin, clicking through to do so just shows the post title and nothing else. We’re now on 2.34 now, but still having the same problem. Not seeing anything in the console.
This on an Ubuntu 18.04 VM at DO, not their one-click)
root@new-ghost-host:~# node -v
root@new-ghost-host:~# npm -v
root@new-ghost-host:~# ghost -v
Ghost-CLI version: 1.11.0

(this is sqlite, not mysql too, if that helps)

(yes, I should upgrade to node 10.x…)

@blacksmithtb are there any errors in your server logs or your browser’s developer tools console?

I recently ran into what I believe to be the same thing. In the process of upgrading from before 1.0 to 1.x to 2.x, I was unable to edit old stories in 2.33 and 2.34, but have just verified that they seem fine in 1.26.0.

I will attempt to collect error messages from server and browser shortly, however I suspect you could recreate the error on your end by installing 1.26, importing a json dump from a 0.x install, then upgrading in place to 2.34.

To reiterate, whether or not that is possible on your end, I will try to collect some errors on my end.
Thanks for your attention, @Kevin!

Hi Kevin, not seeing anything in devtools (I guess I could have specified which console, sorry). If I run ghost log after trying to edit, everything looks fine (loglines are all INFO, no errors or warnings).

I see that the last few releases all say DO NOT USE now in GH so I am guessing we are not alone…

Yeah, there was a bug with markdown cards that were created in 1.x or carried over from 0.x :disappointed:

2.35.0 is due imminently which fixes the problem. However if you did anything that triggered a save of the posts that you couldn’t edit (only really likely if it was a draft post) then you may need to restore the content from the mobiledoc_revisions table or backup file that’s created during upgrades.

is safe to update now? from 2.31.1 to 2.35.0

We didn’t try and save, so now that I have done the 2.35 update everything looks great! Thanks for the quick fix!

Also confirming that 2.35.0 behaves correctly for me as well. Thanks!!