[Casper] doesn’t show subscribe option in footer

I’m unsure if it’s just me, but when I install the Casper theme from admin the ‘sign up for more like this’ doesn’t appear on posts.

Yet the option is there when viewing the demo.

Is there a setting I need to change? Or is this is a bug /outdated theme file?

I’ve found out the ‘sign up for more like this’ subscribe option is hidden when comments is enabled. Which feels to me like a missed opportunity.

Anyone from Ghost core team know if their rationale behind this decision?

That’s odd, and sounds like a bug in the theme logic, not a decision.

Are you sure you’re not logged in, because that would also cause the ‘sign up’ type blocks to not render, in most themes.

Hey Cathy, yes i’m not logged in. Hopefully this could be updated as I’m considering moving from Headline theme to Casper.

I use Casper and don’t see ‘sign up for more like this’ either.

When comments are enabled it shows the ‘Become a member to start commenting’ which would be the same as ‘signing up for more’ because it adds people to your mailing list right?

If you are already logged in, you won’t see ‘Become a member to start commenting’, but being logged in means your email is already in the mailing list right?

Maybe it’s only supposed to show one or the other, but I’m not sure.

This is right! If comments are enabled, then “sign up for more like this” won’t be shown because the comment CTA is active.

Here’s the code that conditionally renders that part.

{{!-- A signup call to action is displayed here, unless viewed as a logged-in member --}}
{{#if @site.members_enabled}}
{{#unless @member}}
{{#unless @site.comments_enabled}}
{{#if access}}
    <section class="footer-cta outer">
        <div class="inner">
            {{#if @custom.email_signup_text}}<h2 class="footer-cta-title">{{@custom.email_signup_text}}</h2>{{/if}}
            <a class="footer-cta-button" href="#/portal" data-portal>
                <div class="footer-cta-input">Enter your email</div>

Thanks all for the clarity.

I wonder if it makes sense to have this subscribe CTA somewhere else, perhaps globally like the footer so it is independent of comments. (Headline and Ghost.org have this)

Every potential subscriber has their reasons for signing up, unless comments is a main benefit for the reader, it might not convert as well. Just my theory, would be worth testing!

The subscribe CTA is already in the top right corner of the header, and the floating icon in the bottom right corner.

I disabled the floating icon on my site, but I put a link in the footer navigation for the subscribe modal popup. You can do this under settings - navigation.

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