Signin/Signup 404 with default Casper theme

I just launched my blog today. I am using the Casper theme without any modifications on self-hosted Ghost 4.21.0

When a user subscribes to the post and receives the signup email, the link they receive gets a The links on the portal configuration are pointed to:

signin: #/portal/signin
signup: #/portal/signup

What am I doing wrong here?

Also of note here the signup link doesn’t reference the portal link at all.

It’s like this:

I’ve looked through previous posts and set up the routes.yaml as well.

This is still not working. Is this a bug?

I have fixed this issue and users are able to subscribe to my news letter now.

Turns out, my CDN was not configured to forward along the query string portion of the URL to Ghost…

Hopefully, this helps someone in the future.

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I have a same issue, can you guide me to fix CDN like you?