Casper theme add other fuction

ghost is for my blog and casper is my default theme,when i use it,i want to search my blog,but it has not this function.and i hope blog can play music,that will be beautiful and perfect!cloud this function come true?

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Hey there, for search there’s a few solutions discussed in this thread:

Adding music to a site is possible by editing your theme, there’s a few tutorials out there for adding audio. However it depends where you’re sourcing your audio from

first ,thank you so much for your answer my question,then Do you know how to paging my post in casper theme? thank you for your attention

Paging a post could be done by splitting the post in half over 2 entries. However I wouldn’t recommend splitting a single post up, unless it’s large enough that it needs to be broken down

thank you so much

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hi man! if i want to develop theme,what tool should i use?

Hey! I’m not sure what you mean by “tool”, however Casper is a good theme to start with to help you get familiar how Ghost theming works. Use a code editor like VS Code and open up the downloaded theme files, in there you’ll find comments on how some of the theme works and good example code to reference. There’s also our official docs to guide you:

i mean What development theme tool can I use to see the development effect of the page in real time, such as web-front-end development, I can immediately see the effect after the change. thank you!my english is not good!sorry!

Ah I see! Best thing to do is to install Ghost locally and then work on the theme inside the theme directory. There’s installation steps as well as theme development workflow info here: