Themes not installing with headers or default content

I am currently running Ghost v5, Ubuntu 20.04, node v16.15.1 but issue started with ghost v4. Home and About are the only things showing in the header.

Again, themes are not installing with headers/categories or default content as seen in the theme demos.

I am not a coder, but can follow direction fairly well. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I have installed the Casper, Headliner and Edition themes all with same failures.

Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the community, @cswann.

The default installation includes a single post—Coming soon—and the about page. See If you site is similar, then you’ve successfully installed Ghost.

If you want to add additional menu items to the site header, do this in Ghost admin > Settings > Navigation. To add a post or page, you need to create them first or you’ll see a 404 error page.

Thanks for your response!

Everything was as you described and I am familiar with the subsequent steps you laid out.

My question is “why are themes in the Ghost marketplace not installed with the headers/categories as shown?”

I had thoughts of purchasing a theme, albeit 3rd party, maybe. But, if Ghost is going to strip out the headers/categories in a theme it negates my purpose for the purchase.

Thanks again for your response and time.

A new Ghost instance provides a blank canvas with an example page and post. Most will delete these too and start over.

Nonetheless, this should have no impact on choosing a third party theme.

If I look at the Casper demo, there are a few more menu items, but these are built around the demo content. When you build your website you’ll be able to create your own categories (tags) and primary and secondary navigation.

What we you like to see installed on first run?