Certain readers not able to access website while on WiFi

Many people are reporting they are not able to access my Ghost site while on WiFi, but they can when they connect to cell towers and I have been stumped on the solution. Any ideas why this may be?

My website is: https://humandefense.com

This doesn’t seem to be a Ghost problem.
Maybe you should hire an Ops engineer?

Check your Domain Record, DNS configuration, CDN configuration etc.

I believe it’s 99.99% caused by DNS delay.
If you have changed your Domain record recently, it will take at most 72 hours to spread over the planet.

Hmmm. The DNS was actually changed about two weeks ago. I wonder what else it could be.

Your site is working fine on Wi-Fi here. However, at hotels, etc. I often need to use my phone connection for my laptop via USB tethering, because of bad Wi-Fi, DNS problems, etc. Not just for Ghost, but for all sites.

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