Change copy on member plans?

Hey all,

I’m setting up my memberships and am wondering how I can change the wording and terms around the memberships.

For instance on the monthly plan it currently states

  • Full access to all premium posts
  • Weekly email newsletter
  • Support independent publishing
  • Simple, secure card payment
  • No advertising

Whereas I would like to fully customize this with my own wording. Any tips?


What theme are u using? It should be in a Directory Called Members in your theme. If you can tell me the name of the theme i can you mark you exact directory/files to change the words.
& you can change the words from language file too if the theme have multilingual support

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Thanks! I’m using the Shoji theme.

Inside your theme Folder you have to Go to partials/members folder

& to edit the words/texts of free Plan edit the file plan_free.hbs for monthly edit the file plan_monthly.hbs & finaly for Yearly plan edit the file plan_yearly.hbs

amazing, thank you! And apologies on being such a noob - but do I make this change by going into the downloaded theme file, then re-uploading the theme?

You are welcome & thanks. The easiest way is to download the theme, Make edits & then reupload.

Let me know if u have any questions :blush: