How do I edit the About section's language re: "Sign up now..."?

I’d like to edit the About section on the homepage, specifically the language that states “Sign up now to get access to the library of members-only issues.”

I’ve looked in the default.hbs and index.hbs (and other files) of the Theme, but can’t find this language anywhere to update it.

Any suggestions?

Check custom-cta.hbs. If your theme doesn’t have one, you can create and customize one/

Thanks so much! I don’t see a custom-cta.hbs file, but do see a content-cta.hbs file (not sure if that’s the same thing for my theme). In any event, that content.cta.hbs file doesn’t include the language I’m looking to update.

Any suggestions on next steps?

Sorry, yes, content-cta.hbs is the one I meant. But it looks like, for Journal (that’s your theme, right?), that wording is in index.hbs.

(I’m looking here: Journal/index.hbs at dc7d1ebe8feb3d88c631a7cc9f691e3131b447ce · TryGhost/Journal · GitHub )

So you’d need to edit index.hbs file to change the wording.

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Thank you a bunch! I don’t know how I missed it before (thought I searched each hbs file), but now I see it. Thank you again! Really appreciate it.

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