Change member icons when connected


I would like to change the “member icon” in bottom right of the page when the user is logged.

Is it possible to do that in a theme? I cannot find anything related to member icon in casper theme.

By the way, when we click on this icon, I would like to go to “sign in” directly as I desactivated the “sign up” (manual registration only). Is it possible?


I did not find the answer yet, but I added a login button at the end of “site-nav.hbs”:

    {{#if @member}}
        <a class="subscribe-button" href="#/portal/signout">Log out</a>
        <a class="subscribe-button" href="#/portal/signin">Log in</a>

Then I tried to hide the right-bottom button with code injection:

    .gh-portal-triggerbtn-wrapper {
        display: none;

But it did not work.

I think you can do this in the portal settings: