Changing language in Edition theme

Is it possible to change the language in the Edition Theme? I have tried this approach Ghost Handlebars Theme Helpers: translate without any success on the Edition Theme.

That tutorial is applicable to the Edition theme. If you did all the steps, the theme should be translatable. You also need to change the language on your Ghost site to reflect the new language. This setting is accessible under Settings > General.

Let me know how it goes. If it still doesn’t work, can you share your JSON language file and a page from your theme, so we can take a look?

Thank you very much for the answer, but unfortunately, it still doesn’t work. You can see a page from my theme here: Mærsk med utidig sløseri |

You can see the English language at the bottom of the page.

And my JSON language file is here:

“Back”: “Tilbage”,
“Newer Posts”: “Nyere artikel”,
“Older Posts”: “Ældre artikel”,
“Side {page} af {pages}”: “Side {page} af {pages}”,
“Subscribe”: “Abonnér”,
“Subscribe to {blogtitle}”: “Abonnér på {blogtitle}”,
“Subscribed!”: “Abonnement udført!”,
“with the email address”: “med email-addressen”,
“Your email address”: “Din email-addresse”,
“You’ve successfully subscribed to”: “Du er nu abonnent på”,
“A collection of posts”: “En samling af artikler”,
“A collection of 1 post”: “En samling af 1 artikel”,
“A collection of % posts”: “En samling af % artikler”,
“Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox”: “Få nye artikler leveret direkte i din inbox”,
“Latest Posts”: “Seneste artikler”,
More posts by {name}”: “Flere artikler af {name}”,
“No posts”: “Ingen artikler”,
" (Page %)": " (Side %)",
“Read More”: “Læs mere”,
“Read more posts by this author”: “Læs flere artikler af denne skribent”,
“See all % posts”: “Se alle % artikler”,
“Share this”: “Del dette”,
“Stay up to date! Get all the latest & greatest posts delivered straight to your inbox”: “Hold dig opdateret. Få alle de nyeste og bedste artikler leveret direkte i din inbox”,
“This post was a collaboration between”: “Denne artikel er et samarbejde mellem”,”: “”,
“1 post”: “1 artikel”,
“% posts”: “% artikler”,
“1 min read”: “1 min læsning”,
“% min read”: “% min læsning”

And I did change the language settings to ‘da’. Hope there are solutions?

This all looks good! What are you trying to do? I think there may be some confusion about what the translate helper does…

The translate helper is intended to allow a theme to be translated but use one language at a time. You can use English or you can use Danish, but you can’t use both.

If you are looking to set up a multi-language site, then there’s a different process that’s explained in this tutorial.

Let me know!

Thank you for helping out. My wish is to have a website in Danish only. At this stage, I am not interested in a multi-language site. So it should be simple…

If it’s only in Danish, can you just skip the translate helper altogether and directly translate the template to Danish? That seems like the simplest solution here.

Otherwise, you’d need to share your theme repo if possible to help troubleshoot.