Changing layout of specific posts on frontpage with {{has}}

Hello everyone!

Here’s the situation: I’ve created a linkblog type of workflow, where links with descriptions get pushed to Ghost via 8n8. In Alto, the theme I’m using, the default behaviour for every post is to have either 33 words or the excerpt shown.

Since most of the descriptions that come with the links I push are very short, I’d prefer for those specific posts to show up with their full content on the frontpage (or when I pull up the page for its tag “Linkblog”), not least because in the tag overview it’d be nice to be able to actually click the links without having to open up each post separately (from what I gathered excerpts don’t allow HTML).

I’ve found the {{has}} helper, and figured I’d be able to set something like:

{{has tag="Linkblog"}}

but I’m at a loss as to where to put that. I’ve tried the loop partial, but that simply broke the site.

Any input into how I could achieve what I’m looking for would be vastly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

The loop partial should be the correct place, but when you use the helper the opening tag has to start with #, so it should be like this:

{{#has tag="Linkblog"}}

You can see some examples here:


Ah, fantastic. That did the trick. Thank you!

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