Show specific tags in homaepage

New here, just getting setup. I looking to migrate my online education business to Ghost which will entail blog posts (public) and course content (private). The way I believe this would work best is if I only show posts with a specific tag on the homepage. I did see some posts about editing the code, but I’m not clear how that works when doing the ghost-hosted solution versus self-hosted.

Please help!


Hi @bsullins and welcome!

While I am new as well, I will do my best to help any way that I can.
What theme are you using? I am asking since premium themes and customization work for such themes are usually better answered by the theme author / developer.

If you’re using a free theme, which one are you using? I can install it on my local Ghost and try to help you that way.

Thanks there. I’m using the default theme, whatever that is. And basically the idea is I only want the posts to show that are tagged “blog”. My intent is to use this for an online academy so a series of posts will essentially be lectures in a course. I could perhaps, create pages for that instead, but it seemed to make more sense as just simply using posts with specific tags.

Okay, this was solved by adjusting the routes.yaml file with a collection that pulls in the posts with the tag I want. By putting this new collection above the index it removes it from that feed apparently.


    permalink: /courses/{slug}/
    filter: tag:courses
    template: index

    permalink: /courses/excel-2021-tips-tricks/{slug}/
    filter: tag:excel2021tips+tag:lesson
    template: index

    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

Good to know. You might wanna double check with a Ghost staff member if this approach is the best suitable in terms of not making / creating issues elsewhere.

They were the ones that showed me that, yes