Changing logo size in Journal theme

Hi all,
I have tried to find a solution using the forums but Journal does not seem particularly popular topic (any reason?)

Anyhow, I’m trying to increase the logo size, hopefully by just using code injection, but I can’t find anything to help?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Hi Mark,

I haven’t personally used the Journal theme.

• I’m unsure which logo you’re talking about on the theme. If it’s the one in the “About” section on the right side of the screen, its style class is “.gh-about-icon”.

I suggest adding the following snippet to the Site Header, from the Settings > Code Injection menu.

.gh-about-icon {
    height: 80px; //Change the size with what suits you.
    width: 80px;

• If you’re not talking about this logo, then using your browser’s inspector, find its style class and replace it in the snippet above.

Hope this helps :+1:

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