Chrome Bookmarker repo

Is there a repository for the Chrome Bookmarker extension?

There is a repo but it’s private. What was your interest in it?

I wanted to build an iOS extension

I’ve managed to build it using the dist code from the Chrome Extension and xcrun safari-web-extension-converter + some minor code changes (mainly replacing chrome. with browser.).
It works in Safari 16.4+ on Macs, iPhones and iPads.

I’ve added a functionality to automatically remove tracking params from links - utm_*, gclid, fbclid.
There are some minor styling issues on iOS that I’m also planning to fix.

It would be much easier if the codebase was open source – the core of the extension is the same, Safari just needs its native wrapper.

I would like this for Safari - I use my iPad for using Ghost

Here’s my repo: GitHub - typeofweb/ghost-bookmarker-safari-extension

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I also managed to completely reverse-engineer the original code, here it comes: GitHub - typeofweb/ghost-bookmarker-web-extension
vite is my addition, not sure what the original bundler was.

I’m planning to merge this and the iOS repositories in the near future.

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