Extending Ghost (pro) as native app, login w/ Magic Link via Universal Link / App Link

We’re working to extend our Ghost blog as mobile app and as part of that, sorting out how users would subscribe and login. I dont see any guides or tutorials around this, so I have questions and want to check my assumptions. Thank you in advance if you can offer any insight!

Regarding how subscribers would log in, I am aware of SSO solutions, and having implemented an alternate solution for In-App browsers (Facebook, Instagram), I know those things are possible but I’d like to explore other options for users logging in.

With Universal Links for iOS and App Links for Android, cant the Ghost emailed magic links be funneled to a webview in the native apps to trigger the logging in?

Also, are Universal Links/App Links behind the behavior I see on some mobile apps (CNN, Reddit) where opening a link will bring up a dialog to ask if I want to open a link in the website or in the native app (I am on iOS)? Or is that a separate custom solution?

As for the subscription aspects, I expect that there are multiple possible configurations but that ultimately, its possible to offer subscriptions via the website (and on Android) with Portal, and on iOS (only) via their in-app purchase.

A reading of Apple documentation suggests you can choose to forgo Apple in-app-purchase (and their profit sharing terms) so long as there is no Portal link seen in the iOS app. Not sure I would want to do this, but I wonder if its an option. Are there Ghost based native apps that do this?

I am a bit surprised there is not more resources around taking Ghost into the native realm. Sure, there is a Content API we can use to get and display content, but seems unnecessary to recreate what Ghost views are already doing. Or is maybe avoiding the webview make for a noticeably smoother app performance? Would there be a magic link → universal/app link solution possible without a webview serving the Ghost directly?

To extend your Ghost blog toa mobile app, you can indeed use Universal Links and App links to handle authentication via emailed magic links.

Thanks for the response BrandyN11! Do you say that in principle or from implementation knowledge?

I felt like it should be doable, but it would have to support some sort of path segment wildcard. I picture it working something like normal 3xx redirects where different url patterns are specified for handling.

I have seen some apps offer users the choice to open a link in a native app or in the default browser. Do you know how that is setup generally? Is it basically just code on the website that intercepts the navigation (to a Magic Universal Link) to offer the two options: open in browser or open in app.

(I want to ask more specific question about the subscription logistics but will do that in a new topic)