CloudFlare 1005 errors using Proton VPN on

What this means is that I need to disconnect my VPN in order to access any page at

However, is not similarly blocked. Is anyone else getting these errors? I notified Proton about this earlier this week but have not heard back. It’s a real pain to have to disconnect the VPN in order to access the main site.

Extended error message:

Access denied
What happened?
The owner of this website ( has banned the autonomous system number (ASN) your IP address is in (9009) from accessing this website.
Ray ID: 60f6ba110ed2159b (if that helps).

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Just switch to a different Proton VPN server, some of them sometimes get blocked. I’m guessing you’re using the free tier, the problem probably emerging due to particular servers getting flagged by Cloudflare due to usage by spammers or something.

Actually, no. I have a paid account and am using their “P” servers, which enable me to get past Netflix and Amazon Prime VPN blocks. Everytime I connect (e.g., after waking up from sleep) I get a new connection to a new server and a new IP address so I was thinking it was not a simple fix as I tried to connect to Ghost via many VPN connections.

I just routed through a server outside the US and I can get through. Hmmmmm. Thanks. At least now I know a workaround if it starts refusing connections in the future.

yeah I have the same problem – and I’ve only run into it on No where else. @TheChocolateLife you find any way around it?

I have had this problem sites other than Ghost but not as often and it is a CloudFlare thing according to Proton.

What you have to do is change the VPN server you’re routing through. Disconnect then reconnect. If you’re using a profile like “fastest” that selects the server for you you might get connected to the same server and still get blocked. In which case, manually picking another server in the same country will do the trick.

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Try to use different VPN, mate.

It seems to work flawlessly here…

I registered to raise this issue too. ghost[dot]org and forum[dot]ghost[dot]org seem to work for me, but docs[dot]ghost[dot]org returns this Cloudflare error for me on ProtonVPN paid servers:

Error 1005
Ray ID: 6a223bd7fb421772 • 2021-10-22 11:02:30 UTC

Access denied

The owner of this website (docs[dot]ghost[dot]org) has banned the autonomous system number (ASN) your IP address is in (9009) from accessing this website.

Without seeing the docs site I’m not sure why the security level is heightened, but in general I’d like to see open source docs distributed to as wide an audience as possible