Cloudflare or nahhh? Using DO

What do you think? Use cloudflare for a small blog or nahhhhh?

Why not…?

You need to manage your DNS entries anyway somewhere. CF does that really well. It also comes with a few nice protection, basic analytics and rule features. All free and with the ease of a few button clicks.

Just make sure you use the correct SSL mode. I’d recommend full strict if your DO droplet has a valid letsencrypt cert - otherwise you might have connection issues.

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I’ve recently done it and takes literally 5 minutes if you just need to change it over from another DNS provider.

You can then benefit from Cloudflares caching to make your site as quick as possible.

I’d recommend doing it even for a personal blog because you never know where someone might share your link one day.

Also, you can easily protect against DDOS attacks.

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OK. That’s what I’ll do. I had SSL set to Full, but per your instructions, I’ve changed it to Strict.


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