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Hello everyone as i wanted to use cdn so i decided to use cloudflare with my ghost blog and i have setup everything properly in my cloudflare account but whenever i visit my blog it shows me previously installed let’s encrypt ssl that i installed during my ghost blog installation. So for using cloudflare with my domain properly i have to remove let’s encrypt issued SSL so how to do that?


Are you talking about I just checked the certificate and it’s from cloudflare :thinking:


Oh there was a cache problem in my browser. It is working now and does let’s encrypt ssl conflict with cloudflare ssl or now it will not work?


This might be more information than you asked for, but it’s a useful primer for using CloudFlare :smile:

Cloudflare serves as a middleman between your user and you, so when the user requests your site the request will first go to CloudFlare, and if CloudFlare doesn’t have the asset the user is looking for it will ask your you.

That means there are 2 separate connections - the one between the user and CloudFlare, and the one between CloudFlare and you.

You can disable SSL between you and CloudFlare, but that’s not suggested - the entire point of SSL is to prove that you’re you and nobody tampered with whatever you sent, so if you disable it, CloudFlare is arbitrarily trusting the data it receives and sends the data as you (since you gave it permission) which could be bad.

Now to answer your question, what happens to the LE certificate? Assuming everything is setup properly, it will continue to renew since the requests will be sent to your server. As long as you continue to use LE, the connection between you and cloudflare will be secure, just make sure to update your setting in cloudflare (Crypto -> SSL -> Full / Full (strict))

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Great this information described me how cloudflare actually works. Thanks man

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